Hey there beautiful,

If you are feeling unfulfilled, stuck, and unable to create sustainable happiness and balance in all areas of your life then you are in the right place.

I want to help you feel expansive, purposeful, and fulfilled no matter what the circumstances.

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Precious time retreat

3 day and night women’s retreat in luxury retreat setting in luscious Noosa Hinterland


I need individual support that offers a safe space and is directed to my personal needs.

The Healing Room

I want a longer term option that will support me to continue on the healing journey in my own time.

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If we haven't already met, I'm Laura,

I welcome and congratulate you on your courage; healing can be a lonely journey and the very reason why I create a sacred space to support, empower and connect you to who you truly are.

I guide you to unravel the beliefs and perceptions that you have created from your past and which continues to re create cycles that no longer serve you.


My programs and products offer  a co-creation of guidance back into your internal toolbox to unlock your own individual strengths. 

How do I differ from other psychologists?

I am a qualified psychologist yet have adapted my therapeutic approach away from the mainstream paradigm by encompassing other holistic healing modalities.

I support women who feel aligned with holistic healing, exploring every aspect of their life rather than focusing on past events alone.

My aim is to hold a safe space  using a more holistic approach – connecting mind body and soul together as one entity rather than separately  bringing all three elements together independent to what feels good for you and your situation.

I help to support those who feel unfulfilled and stuck to create sustainability and balance in all areas of their life.

I work predominately with the subconscious mind and your energetic vibration while integrating mind body and soul.

I use a gentle approach to healing, l while dissolving beliefs and perceptions that were birthed throughout these traumatic events and continue to unfold into your future by way of relationships, career, energy, and love.

I utilize my skills, knowledge, and experience through modalities of western and eastern psychology, energy psychology, breath work and quantum physics to assist you in as many areas as possible.

What are the benefits of working with me…?

Feel uplifted and supported whilst we hold each other accountable on our journey together..

Evolve and grow through conscious living.

Enhance your well-being by gaining relief from physical, emotional and mental pain.

Become the observer of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours resulting in feeling more in control.

Experience a scared inner journey to your past to heal your greatest fears and core wounds

Unpack your gifts and inner resources.

Receive cutting edge wisdom through various healing modalities that feel right for you.

Unblock traumas from your energy field to allow for a shift vibrationally.

Emotional freedom to make decisions from your highest self.

Release and reframe limiting beliefs that no longer serve you to be able to feel confident making heart-felt choices that feel right to you.

Create a deeper level of inner harmony, self-regulation and self-compassion.

Claim your inner wisdom that has been hidden, that will guide you to your true purpose.

End the cycle of stopping and starting.

Learn strategies to overcome fears that prevents you from showing up as the person you came here to be.

Find your resilience to lean on when faced with adversities and challenges throughout life.

Build boundaries that allow you to feel safe to speak your truth.

Discover your values that align with your purpose.

Build a loving connection to self and learn your souls callings.